Monday, April 4, 2011

So, On the assessment test I got a question wrong, I know big surprise. The one I am going to focus on for my blog was the following question:

Genomic imprinting, DNA methylation, and histone acetylation are all examples of which one of the following (choose one):

The answer to this question was E) epigenetic inheritance. I don't know much about epigenetics so I thought I would research it a little more. Epigenetics is actually a study about the 'heritable changes in phenotype or gene expression' this actually does not happen because of a change in DNA sequence but rather non-genetic factors that allow the gene to express itself differently.


  1. I agree, people are so focused on what can be seen but more and more people are questioning what can't be

  2. Epigenetics is a very interesting topic. I wonder why it is not focused on more in some of our classes. Its amazing how different DNA sequences can be changed around to do different things. It is also very interesting to think about what changes can be made to the DNA outside of genetic inheritance.