Friday, April 29, 2011

Tiny Toxic Man Killers

Cyanobacteria. These are the tiny toxic man killers I am talking about.
This title page gives a short overview of what I'm going to be talking about and the different forms cyanobacteria can have.

The next slide I would explain that cyanobacteria is blue green algae that is actually bacteria.
This bacteria is photosynthetic and of course gives off oxygen as a waste product. This
cyanobacteria is found worldwide and in any conditions from the hypersaline conditions to the
extreme hot, extreme cold, and any type and time of exposure to UV light.

My next slide with just pictures I would talk about how cyanobacteria is usually found in
freshwater but can also be found on rock soil and sand and that the blooms in the upper right
hand corner are the toxic part of the algae.

When you think of toxins you think of the pictures on my next slide. Black widow, puffer fish, snakes, poison dart frogs and the list goes on. This bacteria however is a pretty mean 'predator'. The cocktail of toxins that are given off
by the blooms range from a potent neurotoxin (most poisonous natural neurotoxin) which shuts down signaling in the brain, hepatotoxin which damages the liver, endotoxin which is just a term for a broad range of bacterial toxins (on the outer membrane of the gram negative bacteria), and cytotoxin again a general term that is a toxin that has toxic effects on certain cells.

Lastly, you need to give credit where credit is due with a reference page.

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